Don’t Miss Breakthroughs for iPhone Video!

If you use video for marketing, advertising, or training, the new iOS10 operating system totally changes the rules for iPhone video!

IPhones have become the dominant video viewing device, accounting for a remarkable 35% of online video views and is growing exponentially. A new operating system, released mid-September 2016, opens powerful new opportunities to engage and involve users.

For the past 8 weeks, we’ve been working with pre-release versions.   Here’s why we are so excited:

Liberating Design Options

Until now, iPhone browser video has been severely constrained, running full-screen only, preventing interaction and navigation choices.


Typical video shown on earlier iPhone version. No graphics or interaction possible.

Now video can be designed as part of page layout, surrounded by interactive choices that appeal to viewers. This gives them navigation freedom and gives UX designers exciting new creative possibilities. Here are just a few examples:

  • New video layouts. No problem with Snapchat style vertical, or horizontal video with graphics rather than black top and bottom bars. Now video can be placed in any responsive layout, with all the flexibility of still images
  • Graphic overlays. A layer of graphics over video that can trigger interactivity
  • Graphic changes over time, such as slides synchronized with video


iOS 10 allows the intermixing of text, graphics, links, and interactivity to reinforce and enhance video.

Clean Pauses

Gone are the ugly top and bottom control bars obscuring large swaths of iPhone video, particularly annoying when pausing video horizontally. As of iOS 10, front end designers can hide those bars to make the whole screen clean and unobscured.

Clickable Video

See a pair of shoes you like? Click on them to open a window with that item for sale! Want more information? Click to drill down to reference materials. Want to connect? Click on a face to open an email or chat window. All of this functionality is now available on iOS 10.


Shoppable video is revolutionizing retail sales! Now on iPhone.

Overlays Enabled

Buttons, hotspots, and design elements can finally be placed over running video, including 360º virtual reality.

  • Videos can be personalized. This means not only addressing a user by name, but delivering custom edited video on the fly to suit user needs.


Personalization of video drives plays 36% higher.

  • Notifications and navigation choices can appear directly over video. When it’s appropriate to show Buy Now, Click for Info, or a Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down, it’s possible in iOS 10. Here’s a simple example:
    Pause or click + for navigation and info overlays.
  • In-video buttons prompt users for responses to questions and polls, providing meaningful exchange with viewers.

And this is just the beginning! Subscribe now to see samples of new features and capabilities as they are launched!

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