Every Click Is Conversation

Every click is an audience member saying, “I’m interested in this.” It signals the start of a dialogue, the beginning of understanding the desires of users. Whether sponsors are selling a product, building a brand, or training staff, each click provides important feedback.

A recent webcast shows how video analytics provide solid, actionable data.

The Evolution of Presentations
It wasn’t long ago that a skilled exec could feel the response of an audience from the podium. He or she could sense exactly what part of the message resonated with the audience, and would tailor the presentation on the fly, based on live audience reaction. That’s impossible today with a large portion of the audience connecting via webcasts or other electronic means.

                                                    Today only 20% of live audiences attend in person.

For a recent six hour Investor Day, more than eighty percent of the audience was on-line at any given time with the balance live attendees. Although on-line visits persisted for only 9 minutes, the average visitor returned 1.3 times, revisiting when important topics or speakers were scheduled. By selecting which broad categories to visit from a list of 12 the audience clearly indicated what information they wanted.

                                                    Most of the audience attended virtually.

Audience Segmentation
To provide context for the data, we separated results for the financial community and company employees. As shown in the chart below, the priorities of these two groups are different. During the live event investors most often selected Late Stage Product Pipeline, focusing on income streams likely to become fruitful during the next two years. Employees selected Corporate Overview, not surprising for an organization in the midst of absorbing a large acquisition.

                                                     The financial community has different priorities than employees.

Immediately after Investor Day, an on-demand version provided more granular access to content. Rather than choosing from 12 broad categories, visitors were able to chose their own paths through 207 topics.

Choice Extends Engagement
In 15 years of analyzing video usage data, there is one constant – viewer choice increases viewer engagement. It was not surprise that users stayed 38% longer for the on-demand version because they could select the precise path they desired.

Note that the on-demand event generated 8x the traffic and 11x the video consumption as the live event. This is normal. One rousing Town Hall by the charismatic CEO of a J&J business had 60 employee views a month even 2 1/2 years after the live event!

When managers listen to the clicks, they have a better understanding of know audiences want. At the same time they know which messages were largely ignored. Ongoing communication strategies are adjusted in response.

Virtual Applause
Although corporate executives can’ t see or hear their online audience during large virtual meetings, they can determine reaction by the choices their audience makes.

In the new world of virtual engagement, consider each interactive choice a response as telling as a smiling audience, applause, or a standing ovation.

As mechanisms for audience engagement improve, even more granular data will help execs craft more powerful communications for investor relations and internal corporate audiences.

* Note that the topics referred to in this case history have been changed slightly to protect proprietary data.

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