How Interactivity Drives Smart Phone Video

The rules of the game have radically changed!

If you watched online video 4 years ago, the odds are 20 to 1 that you used a laptop or desktop computer. Now it’s better than a 50/50 bet that you watch using a smart phone, with the small screen’s share growing every month.

eMarketer reports that the average American adult watched a startling 39 minutes of video per day on smart phones during 2015, with the numbers for young people much higher.

Why? Because quick and clever videos are a format that engages Millennials. Text based web pages just can’t compete! And smart phones are the devices that are ever present, the favored platform for the young and information hungry.

This viewing shift creates challenges and opportunities
for video based marketing and training. How do we rivet viewers’ attention to the small screen? How do we keep them engaged?

  • Target small screens first. Format video with smart phones in mind. Close-ups work well. Lingering wide shots don’t.
  • Make users participate. Passive users drift. Users who click buttons are more active and engaged. Even the most simple form of interactivity, chaptering, extends participation time by 44%. Embedded challenges and quizzes increase video consumption by 70% and higher!
  • Provide bite sized views. Smart phone video is consumed in small increments or chunks averaging 2.4 minutes. Trainers call this Micro-Learning. Much more effective to provide six 2 minute videos for serial viewing than one twelve minute clip.

Mobile video is today’s medium of choice. Now that video interactivity is possible on iPhones, a full palate of interactivity is available across every device. Here’s a :60 simple interactive example that works on recent desktops, tablets,and smart phones.
What are some of the big uses? Safety training and certification supplied to 3000 remote employees, launch training sent to 300 medical reps, and a video based survey are examples where smart phone video was a real game changer.

Contact us for more examples and detailed case studies.

Randy Tinfow,GM
Click-Video LLC

Randy Tinfow has been marrying video with computers for more than 25 years.

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