Interactive Methods for E-Learning

We are always expanding our vocabulary of interactive methods to make for fun, challenging, and rewarding learning experiences. Here are ten of our favorites:

  • Multiple Choice Single Answer – Choose from a list of 4 or 5 potential answers. “All of the above” is a potential answer.
  • Pro and Con Grid – Participants list their plusses and minuses or hopes and fears on a specific subject. Great for pre-training assessments.
  • Multiple Choice Compound Answer – Select from one or more answers.
  • Time Based Multiple Choice – Value of correct answer goes down over time. Great for competitions.
  • Matching Columns – For example, dragging each word in the left hand column to it’s matching meaning on the right.
  • Asynchronous Discussion – Prompted during the lesson, participants discuss an issue or situation in an asynchronous (non-live) chat room that is specific to that topic. Great for team building exercises. Chat may be moderated by management before submission.
  • eRolePlay – During a video-taped role playing scenario, users are prompted to give their own response at a point in the dialogue. They can do it multiple times until they have a take that pleases them. In some sales and customer service situations, it’s appropriate to share the best answers with the group.
  • List Sorting – Users drag and drop phrases from a list to reorder. Can be used to properly order a protocol. A variation creates two lists, for example the Most Important Features and the Least Important Feature.
  • Student Generated Test Questions – Students create the hard questions based on the content. Reveals fuzzy understanding and need for clarification.
  • Peer Feedback – Users are fascinated to see peer responses. Have them vote on their favorite and share the winners with the group.

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