Interactivity Drives Video Engagement at Conventions, Museums, and Retail

As you approach a plastic human torso hanging in space over a convention floor, it comes alive with animation showing the internal effects of a terrible disease. On a nearby flat screen you choose a drug therapy and an implantable device. You watch as the combination therapy attacks the disease, which recedes. The patient’s outcome has changed from a 6 month life expectancy to 8 years.

At the same convention, compete with your peers in a timed quiz. The faster you answer, the more points you get. Finish at the top of the leader board and get special recognition.

Or approach the appliance department in an electronics warehouse store. As you walk past the refrigerators, an animated spokeswoman appears on a screen and offers her assistance. She begins a dialogue to help you decide on the appropriate products to consider from a confusing range of features and prices. Enter your email address and she’ll send a product comparison to assist you as you shop.

These are just a few of the super cool, incredibly effective projects we have worked on in partnership with They provide the concepts, content, and screens. Our role is developing the technical mechanisms and code that make video respond to user interactions. It’s interactive video technology applied to multiple concurrent screens.

Often our work includes mapping video to dimensional screens, such as human bodies. Without mapping the projected images are distorted. Our technology compensates for the distortion and make the images life like when projected on irregular surfaces

At conventions and trade shows you can always find the PeopleVision projects. There are lines of attendees queued up to test their skills or experience the latest technology. Our partnership has gamified learning in powerful and exciting implementations,. without requirings special equipment or viewing glasses.

Take a look at their website for a gallery and list of recent clients, ranging from the military to casinos to theme parks all over the world.

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